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Here are the details you need when using the barn and its facilities. This is to keep everyone safe.

Please read carefully BEFORE booking and share with ALL USERS.

If you need to know more specific information, please contact us.



Player safety is of paramount importance (see the safety agreement), there are net surrounds in all 3 lanes for lane to lane player safety and canvas panels are in the batting zones providing inter-lane player protection


There is also an L - shaped screen available for sidearm use and waiting batters in the batting lane


Firstly, this is a working farm with large machinery in use. Please be aware of this and if you have children with you do not let them into the yard unsupervised


Player safety is the single most important aspect of indoor nets, especially when using bowling machines, which can be very dangerous if not used correctly - THINK SAFETY FIRST AT ALL TIMES!!

When using Cambs Cricket Barn you must agree to abide by the following:


  • The hirer must be a minimum of 18 years of age

  • Under 18s MUST be accompanied by an adult

  • There MUST be an adult supervising U18s IN THE LANE AT ALL TIMES

  • The hirer and users understand that there is no trained first aider on site and they are using the facilities and bowling machines ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK

  • Batters MUST wear the following protective equipment before using the lanes:


      Thigh pads & Box


      Helmet & face grill 

  • All batters MUST be over 12 years of age to face the bowling machines (unless used to facing a Bola at either county or district cricket).  A Paceman bowling machine is available for U12s - please consult us before booking

  • Players must pad-up and leave bags in the padding up area alongside lane 3, not in the lanes, as bags can be an obstruction if taking evasive action from a ball

  • There is a maximum of 4 people to a lane

  • Spectators must not watch from the lanes, there is a viewing area down the side of lane 3

  • A first aid kit is located on the table in the padding up area

  • The nearest A&E is Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Huntingdon, PE29 6NT

  • A fire extinguisher is located by the door at the end of lane 1

  • In an emergency dial 999, the address is Howsons Lodge, Old Weston, Huntingdon, PE28 5LS with the cricket barn entrance on the Winwick Road - What3Words location unzipped.router.beeline.  The What3Words location of the barn is hips.employers.conspired

  • In case of an accident, please report immediately to Russ on 07768 904989 or Ellie 07714 159292


All three lanes have Bola Pro machines – All batters MUST be over 12 years of age (unless used to facing a Bola at either county or district cricket)  Please consult us before booking

A Paceman bowling machine is available for under 12s, please contact us for details

  • No player under 18 years of age is to operate the bowling machines without adult supervision (unless prior arrangement is made with us)

  • The hirer will familiarise themselves with the bowling machine settings and instructions before use

  • Ensure the speed, length, and direction of the delivery are to the individual batter’s satisfaction before they face their first ball

  • Only the facing batter is allowed in front of the machines when in use, waiting batters MUST wait behind the bowling machine or net at all times and be watchful of the ball at all times

  • Players MUST be aware & watchful of balls being struck in adjacent lanes when collecting balls, especially by the lane dividing nets

  • ONLY the dimpled red & yellow Bola bowling machine balls are to be used in the Bola machines and ONLY Paceman balls are to be used in the Paceman machine

  • The hirer WILL NOT remove or adjust any of the safety frame/screens around the bowling machines

  • Any defects or damage to the bowling machines or any equipment must be reported straight away to Russ on 07768 904989 or Ellie on 07714 159292

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